Frequently Asked Questions

The place where all (some) of your questions (about 1222 design) are answered (kinda).

Who’s running this place?
Stacie P. is the brains behind 1222 Design. In the day, she’s a professional cat herder and at night she designs wearable things. She began making custom tees for fitness professionals and from there she went on to create a variety of designs for fun.

Wait, why am I taken to a different site to purchase things?
1222 Design uses Spreadshirt.com as a fulfillment company. This allows Stacie to focus on the fun part of designing,  rather than the not so fun part of printing, packing and shipping. Spreadshirt.com handles all the heavy lifting.  Stacie does all the creating and it has worked out well so far.

What does 1222 mean?
1222 is Stacie’s birth date: December 22nd or 12/22.

Okay, so how do I say the name?
That’s an easy one: “Twelve Twenty-Two Design”

Can you do custom jobs?
Yes and yes! Contact us and tell us all about your hopes, wishes and dreams or just whatever you’d like on your tee.

Wait, I have more questions!
Sorry, that is not a question but you can send us your questions.